Day 6

I used the cards with a interval timer of 30s on/ 20s rest and did 60 exercises.   Woot 800 calories in 50 minutes.  The challenge is balancing the timers so that you survive to the end and still stress yourself.  What I need to be working on is my diet more than anything.   That and drinking more water!


Day 5 – Upper body workout – Wow

Did my upper body workout with dumbbells today and damn! I fried quick. I think I am either hitting a limit, or my crappy diet took it out of me this morning. It is the first time i failed completely and dropped a weight. 80 pound dumbbell to the chest is still easier on you than Top hitting you once. I used the cards from hell and set a 30 sec on / 30 sec off timed workout which was way too easy. Will do 1000 reps tomorrow. Switched to a myoplex after the workout today from just whey. see how that works out physically and monetarily.

Sam’s Club pizza

It must be freaking Pizza weekend!  Just had Sam’s club pizza from the snack bar which is huge and tastes really good i.e. it is really bad for you.  On the flip side I splurged and bought Myoplex for the gym.  Now I am debating since I work all day tomorrow if I should be heading to the gym now…

Sabrena’s B-Day

Cheated a bit on my diet by taking my oldest out for Pizza since it was her Birthday.   Still stayed below my calorie count.  /me is thankful for that 1000 calories burned this morning.

Missy and Sabrena

Enjoying the moment

Day 1


Sad shape. Measurements and weights to come. I did the 500 rep workout this morning. It really seemed to short. Definitely need to make it the 1000 rep workout.