Lost track


Latest photo.  Working on a new routine.  More to come


It has been a few days.

Wow, between kids, work and life it has been a few days since I posted here.   Monday was a killer upper body lift until i heard a loud pop from my right elbow when curling 125 pounds.  OUCH!  Teaches me for moving to fast up through the weights.   So Tuesday I just did cardio and today was my legs workout.  Hopefully it will feel better or it will be another cardio day.   Nothing against cardio, but I really prefer the mixture workouts of cardio with body weight exercises.

still Sore!

My upper body is still sore.  Great workout on Tuesday!  Did legs today.  600 pounds on the leg sled!  Yeah!!!!!



Man, the upper body weightlifting yesterday did not seem bad but I am reallllly sore.  Just used the elliptical machine this morning.


4th of July weekend

Man, I was excited about being close to 200, I think I destroyed it with the BBQ.  I am afraid to step near the scale for a few days.

Lifting did feel good though  😉


Almost to 200!

Weighed in this morning at 201.4!


Day 9

Wow!  An awesome workout!  about 50 exercises using the HIIT timer on a 40/30 split.  Killer workout!


Day 8 – Kettlebell workout

combining the HIIT timer with kettlebells is the bomb!  Good solid 50 minute workout.  great part is that what seemed hard a month or two ago was pretty easy.  Turkish Getups with a 35 lbm kettlebell was not hard.  Time for the 45 pound kettlebell to be ordered.