lift jump lift jump lift jump

10 Push presses
20 bench jumps
* 5

Not to bad of a workout. Goes fast.


Repeating an exercise all day.

Ok, for the fun of it I set a 30 minute repeating timer and every time it goes off do 10 pushup, 10 crunchs and 5 pull-ups.  Pretty easy exercises until you hit the 10th or 11th round.  Awesome!

Run Run Run!

Ran 2.5 miles this morning. Sad part is that seems like the easy workout.


10 Cleans
100 meter jog with 35# kettlebell
10 medicine ball push presses
100 meter jog with 35# kettlebell back.
*3 then
decrease reps by 1 start over.



Rotating workouts fry you. muhahahah

50%BW bench press * 5
8′ rope climb from laying position
30 jump ropes
5 handstand pushups. Repeat!
Took a 30 second break every 2 minutes for 32 minutes!

WOW! Awesome workout. My arms are dead 5 hours later.


rotating workouts with no rest!

Really nothing more to say. Pick some exercises that work big muscle groups and rotate them. UNTIL YOU ARE DEAD!



I finally broke the 200 pound mark!  I weighed in at 198 this morning!  I have been working towards this goal for 9 months.  Granted I have packed on a lot of muscle too so the numbers are not quiet accurate  😉

Lets see, I have cut calories, stopped soda, cut my caffeine intake to a quarter of what it was and drink almost 2 gallons of water a day.   Going to the gym M-F and every morning for a couple of hours, but it all comes back to what you put in your belly rules your weight.  I fell into the same trap everyone else does and over estimates their output and underestimates their input.  To much food and you do not lose the weight.

A side note, get rid of tennis shoes, barefoot it or buy some Vibram fivefingers!


End of the week. Time to give the body some well earned rest

Class went well last night.  Only my normal students there, but it was expected.  HIIT training afterward was awesome!

Todays workout was simple  2.5 mile run.  Not to bad, finished in 38 minutes.  My calves are sore from the new shoes, I still love them and will wear them all the time.


First class at the gym

Pretty simple timed workout this morning, not meaning it was easy to do.

5 *

20 – 35# Kettlebell swings

25 Swiss ball crunches

Tonight is my first class at Darby’s.  Let the fun begin.


Woot! Tuesday and Wednesday

Another wicked workout or two  😉

Tuesday was timed sprints and bench presses.  Feeling it today!

Today was a lovely rotation of Air squats to a jump pullup, then medicine ball push presses and 150m sprints.  Wow,  after that i did my first (spotted) handstand pushup!  Woot!

Beavis and Butthead are below working out.  hehehehe