lift jump lift jump lift jump

10 Push presses
20 bench jumps
* 5

Not to bad of a workout. Goes fast.


Repeating an exercise all day.

Ok, for the fun of it I set a 30 minute repeating timer and every time it goes off do 10 pushup, 10 crunchs and 5 pull-ups.  Pretty easy exercises until you hit the 10th or 11th round.  Awesome!

10 Cleans
100 meter jog with 35# kettlebell
10 medicine ball push presses
100 meter jog with 35# kettlebell back.
*3 then
decrease reps by 1 start over.



I finally broke the 200 pound mark!  I weighed in at 198 this morning!  I have been working towards this goal for 9 months.  Granted I have packed on a lot of muscle too so the numbers are not quiet accurate  😉

Lets see, I have cut calories, stopped soda, cut my caffeine intake to a quarter of what it was and drink almost 2 gallons of water a day.   Going to the gym M-F and every morning for a couple of hours, but it all comes back to what you put in your belly rules your weight.  I fell into the same trap everyone else does and over estimates their output and underestimates their input.  To much food and you do not lose the weight.

A side note, get rid of tennis shoes, barefoot it or buy some Vibram fivefingers!

Woot! Tuesday and Wednesday

Another wicked workout or two  😉

Tuesday was timed sprints and bench presses.  Feeling it today!

Today was a lovely rotation of Air squats to a jump pullup, then medicine ball push presses and 150m sprints.  Wow,  after that i did my first (spotted) handstand pushup!  Woot!

Beavis and Butthead are below working out.  hehehehe