Good body weight workout today

We did:

10 kipping pullups
20 pushups
20 crunches
20 reverse crunches
20 air squats
20 sledgehammers
log throws down the parking lot and back.

after that we did many different kicking drills then we did:

10 155# bench presses
10 160# seated rows
10 65# shoulder presses
* 4

Good day. upper body is fried.


good Monday workout!

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Good workout!  Combined some raw strength exercises with cardio.  Sad part was after an hour of working out the clock beat my endurance again.

1 215# Deadlift

1 185# Bench press

20 dumbbell thrusters 35#

rotate through 5 minutes on: the guantlet, the rowing machine and the treadmill.

We then rotated some moderate weightlifting after that and then a 20 minute jog to finish it off.

Good workout

Today was the improvised tools workout.  We used a tire filled with bricks, a sledgehammer, a kettlebell and a log for a good workout!

Drag tire 150 meters

throw log back 150 meters

20 35# KB swings

20 sledgehammer hits 8#

20 35# wallballs

Working on the diet!


Wow, I just took my measurements after a month of busting my ass and no change at all.  Really goes to show you losing some gut is all about what you intake.  Of course you need exercise, but you can not burn as much as you eat.    Time to crack down on the diet!

Crunching the diet

Did an awesome workout this morning. We did:

115# thrusters
15-12-9 reps.

Sounds very short, but thrusters are a ass kicker of an exercise.

Really cutting down on my diet. Today is the first day and I am already hating it. Scary how little food we need to survive on.