Paleo Diet

Day 3 of the Paleo diet.  Yes yes, I know.  I have not posted in here.  It has been really busy trying to keep up.  Loving the diet so far.


Slacking on Friday

Name: w1
Run x 10 minutes,
240 lbs\kg Bench Press x 3,
Run x 10 minutes,
165lbs\kg Push Press x 3,
Run x 10  minutes,
265# standing Row

1 Rounds for time.

Result: 32:00



Name: wg1
Push-ups x 20,
Sit-ups x 20,
Back Extensions x 20,
50% bw Pull-ups x 20 gravitron
10 Rounds for time.

Result: 21:00
Note: pulls can be done on gravitron up to half body weight.  reduce reps by 2 each round.

Todays hell


Name: Wm4

95lbs\kg Bench Press x 30,
lbs\kg Run x 0,
75lbs\kg Shoulder Press x 30,
lbs\kg Run x 0,
140lbs\kg Row x 30,
lbs\kg Run x 0,

3 Rounds for time.

Result: 29:00

Note: Run .1 miles each time