Rest day.

Sabrena did great on her piano piece for state!


hybrid powerlifting

Using power lifting motions mixed together in different combinations as an aerobic workout is just wicked. Loving the pain and soreness.

Crazy fad crap

Every time I see sketchers shape-ups I think of the boots KISS wore all the time….


Happy Easter!

Time for a run!


Complements are better than numbers.

I can run all the time and lift weights and watch the numbers get better and better, but a friend you see rarely asking “did you lose weight?” Feels so much better than a number.


The Spartan 300 workout

Wow, still a good workout, but I remember a year ago when it about killed me. This time around it was not bad at all. Now if I can get my run in before work……


Google Voice + Sprint = awesomeness

I got an early tester invitation to the sprint/google voice integration. It is awesome!


Sore is your friend

Wow, day 3 of the week and I am sore. Making progress on my running though, times are coming down and I need fewer jog/walk breaks to complete 3 miles.

101 days to the Warrior Dash! Must train hard! 🙂


GPS tracking while running on your phone.

I love the thought of cardiotrainer or Vidaone’s software until running along 2.6 miles in, on a personal best with 100 meters from finishing and the phone resets and you lose all your run data. Try again tomorrow…


Warrior Dash is on!

I just registered for the 1030am race on July 31st in KC, MO. Time to train for it!

The warrior dash!