A very long day.

Well, Liz was very sick overnight so I am extremely tired. Excuse me if I am incoherent. What do you do when you are wiped out, can’t think and can’t get a good nap in? You do DEADLIFTS! Then you run! Great 3 mile run and a personal record for deadlifts.

Have you seen ‘Jamie Olivers Food Revolution’? If not you should. So very true how sad the state of our food supply system really is. Scariest fact I learned from Jamie today, 57 tons of sugar are served weekly in milk alone to the LA school system kids…..

Things that annoy the hell out of me today:
1. In our school system walking around the gym court in circles while texting is considered exercise.
2. How horrible the USDA and the FDA is at being bribed into being truly worthless.
3. That we would graduate High school students that can not comprehend how to figure the taxes on buying a candy bar.
4. If you don’t break a sweat at the gym, why did you go in the first place?
5. 10 minutes of intense exercise is better for you than 60 minutes of walking in a circle.
6. The concept of ‘pink slime’, let alone the idea it is fed to our students.


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