day 2 of crossfit renewed!

Nice little AMRAP for 20 minutes:
6 pull-ups
6 dips
8 35# KB swings.

12 rounds! Lots of fun! 2 days now with pretty much complete Paleo diet and no soda. dropped 2 pounds over night (water weight). Shooting for 190 buy the Warrior Dash!


craptastic day to a nice evening

A nasty morning, cold and dreary finally turned into a wonderful, cool motorcycle ride. Plenty of horrible foods to destroy my diet, but sometimes you just have to say screw it and enjoy yourself. All in all not to bad

Powerlifting and crossfit

I slacked off there for a while from the crossfit workouts and hammered some fun powerlifting workouts. The powerlifting is good, but even though I am stronger, and can run much better (lots of running too), intense exercise like CX definitely suffered. Switching back to a balance between the two is much better.