Getting Big! or not.

My favorite myth in the gym is that when you walk within 20ft of the entrance you will suddenly be covered in spray tan and gain 20 pounds of muscle.  Well, it is obvious by the number of huge (not fat) people walking around us every day….

In reality it takes gifted genetics, proper diet and a very specific weight lifting regiment to gain muscular volume.  And that is not including supplements or illegal steroids to accomplish it.  People because you exercise to be strong does NOT mean you will get huge.  Very much the opposite usually.  I have lifted for 2 years consistently and my dead-lift has gone from 155 to 350 1RM.  And I am….. *drum roll* the same size.  Still in the same size clothes…..  No button snapping changes in chest girth…  Now, some rare people can naturally pack on muscle easily but it is very, very rare.


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