Eyes on the prize! well kinda….. ;-)

I hear of ‘the prize’ often when working out at the gym. The bigger chest, stronger squat, or the ‘get lean’ prize just out of reach. Like MMA training, or becoming a great runner or a crazy strong power lifter there are a few things necessary to reach ‘The Prize’.

1. Dedication. And once you think you are dedicated realize you are probably still treating it like a hobby. Ok some things you can’t push, like power-lifting. You do need to recover, but few rarely push themselves to the point of exhaustion and require extended recovery. The human body is more resilient than you think.

2. Dedication. Yes, a bit redundant but, if you want to get lean and spend 30 minutes a day in the gym, 8 hours sleeping (that would be nice.). that leaves roughly 15 hours and 30 minutes to completely destroy any chance of losing that 1 pound by eating McDonald’s or that candy bar.

3. Dedication. Yeah, I know… But, how can you gain that last 5 pounds on the squat or lose that 1 pound if you do not keep track of what you lift, or how you eat. Simple logs can save you huge amounts of grief. Their are so many apps for smartphones or a simple comp-book to keep track.

4. Perseverance. Hey, at least it was not dedication. Don’t let minor set backs derail you. 90% of people that quit, quit because of a minor failure or impatience. Changes to your health and appearance do not happen quickly without drastic measures which usually are not good for you either.

5. Have a plan. Going to the gym without a workout planned is usually a fruitless effort. You will fall into the same groove and do the same thing which rarely improves your performance. Not planning your food will cause you to improvise, and unfortunately most people improvise with food that is represented by a Clown or a chihuahua. Not a good choice.


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