Maximum Heart Rate while exercising. Myth?? well……

We have all heard the old ‘220-(age)=Max HR’ during exercise. Ever wonder where this came from? Some mathematical magic by studying High intensity athletes at their peak? Or maybe monitoring a powerlifter hitting Max weight? Nope. Not even close. The equation was created by studying people with Heart disease and COPD.

I can remember this chart in every gym I have ever been in. So we are working out to our potential aren’t we? Well if you are listening to a HRM then…….. I had someone tell me that had to stop exercising because they were above there Max HR. Hmmmmm. You had enough wind to tell me you were above the max HR?? Sounds like you weren’t then.

The second problem with the concept of Max HR is over time during exercise the max heart rate (the real rate) goes down with fatigue. So if your Max was 200 every 15 minutes of solid exercise it may be 180. I am just blurting numbers here. No studies of warrant.

Sounds like another myth from the bodybuilding times……


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