Impromptu workouts at home

Impromptu workouts at home

My favorite thing to hear is ‘I don’t have time to workout.’ or ‘I can’t make it to the gym, i just don’t have the time.’.

So to take 30 minutes to an hour a day to live longer and enjoy yourself more is not worth re-arranging your schedule a bit? Is that skipping exercise to sit at home with your kids and not being able to play with them because you can’t keep up really worth it? Could you spend 20 minutes at home a day doing exercises? Probably could. Although the gym is a good environment to workout it is not a necessity. Motivation and tenacity is on the other hand.

Is that 20 minutes a day worth an additional 10 years of life? 20 years?  The chance to see your Grand kids befoer you are gone?  It is to me.


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