Just workout! Mix it up!

I love how I hear how crazy my class is with all the different exercises mixed together.  Nothing special about the workouts (ok, there is a little planning).  Usually pretty simple exercises if you look at them individually.  Mix several of them together and suddenly you have a whole body strength and cardio workout that you can knock out in about 20-30 minutes.   The look of ‘Oh My God that was a hard workout’ afterwards.  But it is simple just like when you played when you were a kid.  Did you ever  decide to run 3 miles as a kid or did you run somewhere quickly and then throw something, tackle someone or hit a baseball.  Well I know how i played as a kid, but those are ancient days it seems.  The jump rope and the baseball have been replaced by the Xbox and the PS3.  

Keep in mind folks, this generation of children are the first ones not predicted to outlive the lifespan of their parents.  There are teens having heart attacks from obesity.  Take the 30 minutes a day to detach from you world and encourage (or better-participate) in getting your kids to exercise.